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USA dedicated proxies

Our service is focused on professional customers who require a IP solution for productive environments.
We provide proxies hosted in the USA and available through our web based Control Center or fully automated through our API.

The proxy industry is polluted by hundreds of unprofessional and illegal services, because of this it is important to note that our service
is the complete opposite. Our IP addresses are not harvested or stolen and hosted on our own server equipment.
We are taking great efforts to give our customer the best possible quality which includes:

Proxies hosted in various US cities

Often proxy powered projects require IP addresses from more than one location.
We offer IP addresses hosted on various cities within the USA and we add more cities regularly.
During the order our customers may choose to receive proxies from the following locations:

Proxies that make integration and usage very easy

We put great effort in making our IP service as accessible and lightweight as possible.

Benefits for programmers

US Proxies as a service
Instead of issuing a list of proxies as it is common among average proxy list services, we specialized in providing IP addresses as a service.
Ready to support your increasing IP requirements
Your project suddenly requires more IP addresses to handle increased load or your increasing base of users?
Just request an upgrade and within a few hours you can ramp up your number of allocated IP addresses.
And the best of all: You have to change exactly nothing within your code or configuration, it can automatically use the new IPs.
Dynamic IP authentication instead of password lists
Instead of offering a password per proxy which requires to maintain a database of proxies we authenticate full automated based on the current IP address.
HTTP based API to rotate through IPs and manage your proxy settings full automated
A programmer who wants to integrate our proxy solution actually only needs a minimal amount of changed within existing source code.
As soon as a program is proxy aware (support for HTTP or SOCKS) the only event that is required to initiate an IP change is an API call.
Rapid integration and development
Changing proxy settings is not require, the API call (rotate IP address) will give your program or script a new IP address from your pool.
Various open source code with API support is available to use a base for your own project.

Benefits for individuals

US Proxies - exactly what you need
Most people who look for proxies the first time, do not really know what they exactly need.
The majority of the available proxy services are shady, confusing and provide something the users actually do not want and might even threaten their security.
We provide a completely legal service, we make sure our customers are not spammers, criminals or have similar activity in mind.
With our service your browser or application can obtain one or multiple IP addresses (online identities) in a very simple manner.
Proxies have never been easier to use
It can hardly be easier to get started. Our Control Center is completely web based and allowed you to switch your IP address with a single button click.
You do not need to remember and passwords, IP addresses or ports.
You do not need to enter all those details manually into your browser.
Just install our browser extension (like an ad blocker) and get started immediately. One click is all you need.
No hidden traps
No hidden fees or tricks.
Our US proxy plans have straight forward pricing and if you ru into any questions you are welcome to create a support ticket.